In more than 50 Nations!

building and maintaining a network of senior christian leaders

Ekklesia has fostered relationships among churches and leaders around the globe who are committed to biblical faithfulness

South Sudan

Bishop Atwood attended Archbishop Paul Yugusuk’s August 2017 enthronement in South Sudan. ABp Paul has the same heart and fire of prayer and preaching as his late father ABp Benjamin. ABp Benjamin had been a great spiritual mentor to Bp Bill.


In Bangladesh, which is a challenging environment composed primarily of Muslims, Bishop Sarker (center) leads a church that is effective, growing, and respected.  With regard to Biblical faith, he is adamant that the Scriptures must guide our faith. 


The GAFCON Primates’ Council recognizing the new Anglican Church in Brazil as being an authentic Anglican work and welcoming the new Province and Archbishop Miguel Uchoa into the fellowship of GAFCON.


Working closely with Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit, Ekklesia has done many clergy conferences for both the Province and many dioceses.

Indian Ocean

Ekklesia has done clergy conferences and teaching missions in both Mauritius and Madagascar. In Madagascar, a clergy conference gathered almost all the clergy for a “Free Indeed” seminar. The retired Archbishop Remy Rabenirina was so committed to the project that he personally was the translator for Bishop Atwood. At the close of the experience, ABp Remy said, “This nation will never be the same after this amazing teaching.”


Ekklesia has been active in Uganda for twenty-five years, working with Archbishops Livingston Nkoyoyo, Henry Orombi, Sanley Ntagali, and the newly elected Stephen Kaziimba. There have been clergy conferences in many dioceses, and Bishop Atwood has been a speaker at Provincial Synod on many occasions.


Partnering with Archbishop Greg Venables, Bishop Atwood has taught at clergy conferences and spoken at international gatherings of the Anglican Province of South America. The Province covers Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, and Peru. Ekklesia has done many projects and training programs throughout the region.


GAFCON: The Global Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans is guarding unity and providing an authentic Biblical future for Anglicans in the midst of challenges and persecution. The Most recent GAFCON gathering was in Jerusalem  in 2018.