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This book explains how we were created for joy, and relates compelling stories of how to recapture joy in the midst of negative circumstances and emotions. Drawing from life lessons from his Grandfather, Bill Atwood shares engaging stories!

As soon as I read this book I started retelling the stories to everyone who would listen. The stories are inspirational and provide clear models of how to handle difficult emotions. The brain science and principles that explain how to handle hard emotions are clear and practical. I plan to read it again (and again) and share it with others.
~Dr Marcus Warner


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Bishop Atwood relates different instances when he encountered the living Lord Jesus, which he says are more times than he can count. He explains how the Lord revealed Himself, made the impossible possible, or led him through complex and even dangerous places with astounding clarity. He explains that none of these encounters happened because he's special, but because Jesus is more special than be described or imagined. His hope is that the reader, too, will learn how to hear from Jesus Christ.


HERE & COMING is an introduction to living in the kingdom of God here and now! When Jesus taught, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as in heaven,” He intended us to pray, work, and long for things on earth to become as they are in heaven. This book seeks to help you make progress in living that out now instead of just waiting to inherit it in the future.


SPIRITUAL JOURNEY provides an understanding and practical application of the Spiritual Journey as presented by St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa of Avila. Bishop Atwood carefully explains elements of the spiritual journey that Christians will recognize in their own pilgrimage. This book examines landmarks along the way that often baffle or defeat Christians. Bishop Atwood’s spiritual director described the journey as a “spiral whereby we pass through the same [issues] several times at different levels while we move closer in union with Christ.”


ARE WE THERE YET reveals common elements of the spiritual journey, enabling us to: 1) know the general direction to take, 2) confirm that we are being guided by the Holy Spirit, 3) get an idea of our location along the path, and 4) reassure us that we are still progressing along the right path and in the right direction.


PSALMS AND PROVERBS is a study guide that sets forth a means to use the Psalms and Proverbs in a personal or group study on prayer. It has six topics, each of which has explanations for the passages selected, questions to answer, Scriptures to memorize, and an opportunity to compose a prayer for group or personal use. The intent of this guide is to provide a practical introduction into using the Psalms for personal prayers.


The author looks at several significant aspects of the Christian faith that are crucial to understanding one's relationship with Jesus Christ and how the Scriptures testify of Him. Beginning by explaining the work of Christ in the sacraments of baptism and the Lord's Supper, aspects of the Gospels, he next addresses the importance of the Book of Acts in making a transition from Jesus' words to the epistles and in comprehending the birth of the Church. He then provides a glimpse of the biblical covenant in nuptial terms, followed by demonstrating how the Gospel is, ultimately, the message of the Old Testament, and how Jesus is the fulfillment of the priestly office of the long-awaited Messiah. In the last two chapters, he moves on to practical life issues by describing the spirituality of different faith traditions and comparing two major declarations of the Faith . . . once delivered.


Most discussions of Revelation focus on the seven letters or the prophecy, or both, with little attention given to the first chapter. In this book, the author looks intently at the first chapter of Revelation, in which John describes his encounter with the risen and glorified Lord Jesus Christ. Using various Scriptures and illustrations from life, she explores how John's salutation and doxology, which include implications about the Triune God, and his narrative, which describes the figure who appeared to him on the isle of Patmos, are relevant to today's Christian.


Check back periodically for new books!