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Ekklesia is an international society committed to making disciples of Jesus Christ, in the Anglican Way, and offering sustainable development projects to those who are most vulnerable.

Ekklesia has fostered relationships among leaders in the global south and churches still aligned with orthodox theology and practice in North America and served as a catalyst for many development projects. Faithful leaders in Africa, South America, and Asia have partnered with Ekklesia.
Proclaiming and defending Biblical faith
Across 50 nations!
Sustainable development projects


Spread the Gospel, not the virus!

As the coronavirus spreads rapidly around the nation, a significant number of infected people may never show any symptoms (perhaps as high as one in four people). What’s more, it takes an average of five days after infection for symptoms to develop in those that do eventually have symptoms. So there are likely a lot of unwitting carriers around outside.
We do not want to take any medical masks away from the doctors and hospital staff that need them, so we are supporting the DIY Mask Challenge to make homemade masks and wear them when we are out in public to protect others. Please click on the learn more button to be taken to the DIY Mask Challenge website.

Bishop's Well

Originally begun to provide clean water to those who did not have access to it, the Bishop’s Well expanded to be a Well of Resources to make positive differences in people’s lives in many areas, not just with water.


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