Matching Grant for "Bishop's Well"

Matching Grant for "Bishop's Well"


The water well drilling rig is now in Kenya!  We are grateful for the Lord's provision, through the Assemblies of God Water Ministry, of this $500,000 drilling rig! Now, we need to start drilling!  It costs $15,000- $25,000 to drill deep "bore holes" that provide water for drinking.  That's a huge amount of money for the Kenyan people, but with your help we can do it!   

Right now, we have a MATCHING GRANT that will DOUBLE your gift up to $25,000!

This program is highly developed and has to cooperation of the government water assessments to help know where to drill, has organized committees to administrate the project and keep the water flowing, and a trained drilling crew ready to start providing water for the people in Kenya.

In addition to being doubled, your gift will be multiplied many times over in the lives of thousands of people.  


Exciting Partnership with Water for the World!

Ekklesia has entered into a "Memorandum of Understanding" with Water for the World, the water drilling ministry of the Assembly of God Church.  They have made an amazing fit of a water well drilling machine to the Anglican Church of Kenya. Ekklesia has been asked to coordinate the project and help with organizing the prioirty of sites for drilling, and collaborate with donors to supply the funds for the operational costs of drilling wells (called "bore holes" in Africa).

Your donations (through the PayPal button on the right) can help save lives as we begin to drill these wells in areas where it is desperately needed!

What is Bishop's Well




What is Bishop’s Well?


Bishop's Well is a resource to provide clean water to children in Africa by drilling wells, installing equipment to purify and bottle water to drink.

A drilling rig has been donated by Water for the World to The Anglican Church of Kenya and Ekklesia.  A matching grant will double your gift up to $25,000! 

The drilling rig will be used to dig “bore holes” up to 200m deep to reach clean water.  This costs around $20,000 each time it is done.


Facts about clean water around the world:

Every fifteen seconds a child dies from a water-related disease.

As many as 1 in 5 children die before reaching their fifth birthday.

2.1 billion people around the world lack clean water

84% of water-related deaths are in children ages 0-14


How can I participate in Bishop's Well?

Bishop's Well needs your help to fund the drilling of “bore holes” in Africa.  All you have to do is save your pocket change in the water bottle bank provided for you.  At the end of the project, turn the change into cash add it to your group’s donation.  Your contribution will be sent in to Bishop's well and used to help to provide clean water for children in Africa.


Why participate in the Bishop's Well?

       Experience what it is like to make a difference in someone else's life.

       Create a bond between group members as they work together to save lives.

       Teaches students about provision from the Lord.

       Inspires them that they can change the world.


Children all over the world die from the lack of clean water.  How can we help them?

       There is a great need for clean drinking water, 1.2 billion people are living without it right now.  We take it for granted every day as the average American uses 80-100 gallons of clean water each day.  And yet every 15 seconds a child dies from a water-related disease.  We must choose to take part in the change that can save billions of people.

       The number of children who lack clean drinking water is great, but by doing something small like saving pocket change, we have the opportunity to provide clean water for schools, and orphanages in Africa for a lifetime!

       We have the chance to make the difference of a future…OR no difference at all. What are you willing to sacrifice so you can save a life?

Make your own coffee 2x per week for a month ... raise $40

Don't buy a coke, for a kid in Africa for 30 days … raise $15

Order tap water instead of a fountain drink for a month ... raise $50

Trade in a restaurant for a sack lunch just 2-3 days each week of a month ... raise $30

       The young people in your congregation are going to save their pocket change for the next month to help in an effort to quench poverty. You can come alongside them by offering your prayer and financial support.

       It is a great privilege to do the Lord's work.  By providing clean water for children in Africa, you are participating in providing the Lord's destiny for thousands of lives. 

       The more we know about the need in Africa the greater chance we have of providing change and a solution.

       The students in your congregation are taking ACTION. They are collecting change and raising money to provide clean water for children in Africa. They are saving lives just by saving change.

       By choosing to make a difference you are changing lives.  Bishop's Well is one of the most effective ways to save lives by quenching poverty in Africa and around the World forever...


They will not hunger or thirst, Nor will the scorching heat or sun strike them down; For He who has compassion on them will lead them and will guide them to springs of water. (Is. 49:10)


By saving your change, you can begin to change the world!



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Welcome to Ekklesia Society

Ekklesia is an international society committed to making disciples of Jesus Christ, conforming to the Lambeth Quadrilateral, which affirms:

    • The authority of the Scriptures

    • The faith of the historic Creeds

    • The Sacraments as instituted by Jesus

    • Historic Apostolic Ministry

The Ekklesia Society was established in 1996 as a result of the drift of the western Anglican churches from Biblical faith. Genuine Biblical faith includes fidelity to the historic teaching of who God is and how we are to live. Key elements of this are both evangelism and care for the poor. Ekklesia has fostered relationships among leaders in the global south and churches still aligned with orthodox theology and practice in North America and served as a catalyst for many development projects.

Photo of the consecretion of Bishop Atwood in Kenya









In May of 2000, a group of Primates (leading Archbishops in the Anglican Communion around the world) invited Ekklesia to re-organize under their authority. They called Canon Bill Atwood to leave parish ministry to serve full time as Ekklesia's General Secretary.  Ekklesia's Primates Council is led by Archbishop Greg Venables. Other key Primates involved have included Archbishops Drexel Gomez (West Indies), David Gitari (Kenya), Donald Mtetemela (Tanzania), Henry Orombi (Uganda), Bernard Malango (Central Africa), and Benjamin Nzimbi (Kenya). Several new Primates agreed to join the Council when they came into office.

In June 2007, Canon Atwood was elected and confirmed as Suffragan Bishop for International Affairs in the All Saints Cathedral Diocese in Nairobi under Archbishop Benjamin Nzimbi, Primate of the Anglican Church of Kenya. Bishops Bill Atwood and Bill Murdoch were consecrated in Nairobi in August 2007 by a dozen Archbishops/Primates and a host of other bishops. More Archbishops participated in the consecration service (to install new bishops) than any other in Anglican history.

Ekklesia member bishops oversee more than 40 million of the world's Anglicans in over thirty countries. Bishop Atwood has ministered extensively in Kenya and many other African nations. Ekklesia holds conferences for advancing the Christian faith and is involved in many development projects such as equipment and supplies for medical clinics, bicycles for clergy, radio stations, and many tons of grains for famine relief. Ekklesia has also provided commercial fishing boats in Central Africa and communications projects in many places. Their latest project involves purifying water for drinking and for sale by people in struggling areas.








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