Matching Grant for "Bishop's Well"

Matching Grant for "Bishop's Well"


The water well drilling rig is now in Kenya!  We are grateful for the Lord's provision, through the Assemblies of God Water Ministry, of this $500,000 drilling rig! Now, we need to start drilling!  It costs $15,000- $25,000 to drill deep "bore holes" that provide water for drinking.  That's a huge amount of money for the Kenyan people, but with your help we can do it!   

Right now, we have a MATCHING GRANT that will DOUBLE your gift up to $25,000!

This program is highly developed and has to cooperation of the government water assessments to help know where to drill, has organized committees to administrate the project and keep the water flowing, and a trained drilling crew ready to start providing water for the people in Kenya.

In addition to being doubled, your gift will be multiplied many times over in the lives of thousands of people.  


Exciting Partnership with Water for the World!

Ekklesia has entered into a "Memorandum of Understanding" with Water for the World, the water drilling ministry of the Assembly of God Church.  They have made an amazing fit of a water well drilling machine to the Anglican Church of Kenya. Ekklesia has been asked to coordinate the project and help with organizing the prioirty of sites for drilling, and collaborate with donors to supply the funds for the operational costs of drilling wells (called "bore holes" in Africa).

Your donations (through the PayPal button on the right) can help save lives as we begin to drill these wells in areas where it is desperately needed!